Welcome to Alleluia fotos!  Thank you for taking time to view my photo blog.  I decided to create a photo blog of sorts in order to share my photos with family and friends.  When I returned from my visit to Italy people often asked to see my photos.  Since I have been subjected to sitting through far too many vacation photos of others I decided to create a site where my photos could be perused at one’s leisure.  Photos are in chronological order and often include captions in order to help me remember my travels in years to come.

Viewing My Photos.  In order to view my photos simply scroll down using the scroll bar at the right.  When you see a gallery you want to view simply click on an image and the gallery images will be displayed in a full-size carousel view.  Some photos have longer captions and in order to read them you just click on the “Permalink” button at the bottom of the image.  The image and the complete caption will be displayed.  To return to the photo gallery click the “show the previous page” or “go back” button on your browser and you will return to your place in the gallery where you left off.  Navigating the galleries is simple and intuitive.  I hope you enjoy my photos.

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